Cardijn @ Vatican 2

As part of our Vatican 2 + 50 project, CCI wishes to focus on and study the role of Cardinal Joseph Cardijn at Vatican II.

Initially, Cardijn was an expert appointed by Pope John XXIII to the Pontifical Commission on the Lay Apostolate to prepare the Council documents, particularly on the laity.

In 1965, Pope Paul VI made Cardijn a bishop and cardinal enabling him to take part in the 4th and last session as a Council Father with the right to speak and vote.

Cardijn made three speeches at the Council which can be downloaded or read at and can also be read online here.

He also prepared two other speeches that were not delivered orally but were presented to the Council as official contributions.

Here we present a selection of documents written by Cardijn for the Council, including his conciliar speeches and papers.