CCI V2 + 50 Project

The Cardijn Community International has announced a new initiative to commemorate the forthcoming 50th anniversary of the Second Vatican Council.

At its General Assembly in Bangkok from 23-25 July 2011, CCI adopted a plan for a three year program from 2012-2015 to examine the social commitment of the Church and the lay movements today in the light of Vatican II.

According to plans unveiled, an international forum of various lay movements, student, worker and civil society organisations will be floated in a Conference in 2012. 

The three year programme will focus on increased lay participation in the Church, encouraging social actions and a clear cut policy on social commitment of the Church. 

Various events, conferences and campaigns spread over in different countries around the world will be organised during the 3 year period to study the ground reality, evaluate the decisions of Vatican II and to call for the attention of the Church. 

An interactive website, publications and newsletters will help build a momentum towards a participatory approach in the mission of the Church. 

CCI foresees a major International Forum for Vatican II + 50 in 2015 wherein a final charter will be presented to the Church and the laity. 

The role played by Cardijn at Vatican II will also be examined as part of the program.