Pope John and Vatican II

In his 1959 announcement of the holding of the Second Vatican Council, Pope John XXIII said that he hoped that the forthcoming Council would open up a New Pentecost in the Church.

In subsequent years, he prayed often and fervently for this New Pentecost.

"Renew Your wonders in this day, as by a new Pentecost." 

Recently, current Pope Benedict has renewed the call for a New Pentecost.

In a 2007 message for World Youth Day, he wrote that "we are the fruits of this mission of the Church through the working of the Holy Spirit".

"We carry within us the seal of the Father’s love in Jesus Christ which is the Holy Spirit. 

"Let us never forget this, because the Spirit of the Lord always remembers every individual, and wishes, particularly through you young people, to stir up the wind and fire of a new Pentecost in the world," Pope Benedict wrote.