Vatican 2 + 50 Newsletter, No. 2, 3 August 2012

posted 2 Aug 2012, 20:04 by Stefan Gigacz   [ updated 5 Aug 2012, 05:17 ]

Dear Friends,

Greetings again from CCI! Less than 10 weeks to go until our Vatican 2 + 50: A Cardijn Perspective conference from 10-14 October 2012 in Manila. Many things to do to prepare!

1. Venue: Communication Foundation for Asia Center

We are pleased to announce a new, improved venue for the Conference after our previously announced venue was unable to meet our requirements.

The conference will now be held at the Communication Foundation for Asia Center, 4427 Old Sta. Mesa Street, Sta. Mesa, Manila 1016, Philippines. Phone: (632) 713-2981 to 86.

It is a beautiful venue centrally located in Manila near the LRT transit system (Line 2 V. Mapa). 

Please click here for full details about the venue.

2. Enquiry

We have now announced a participative enquiry following the Cardijn method to prepare for the conference  ‘Understanding of the spirit and decisions of Vatican II in the areas of Social Teachings of the Church and participation of the Laity’.

We are asking all participants to endeavour to implement this enquiry in your own groups and networks.

Full details of the enquiry can be found here.

3. Keynote Speaker: Dr Mina Ramirez

Dr Mina Ramirez is the director of the Asian Social Institute (ASI) as well as a founding member of the Pontifical Academy of the Social Sciences.

She is also a former leader of the Philippines YCW and she will present a paper on how ASI uses the See Judge Act method in its programs.

4. Cardijn @ Vatican 2

This week we present a letter to Pope John XXIII written by International YCW leaders Bartolo Perez and Betty Villa together with Cardijn on the eve of the opening of Vatican II.

Here are a couple of key paragraphs from the letter:

We also wish to express a hope that is experienced by the whole Church in asking Your Holiness that the Second Vatican Council explain the apostolate of lay people as well as the organised laity within the Church, and provide orientations concerning its insertion into the overall pastoral work of the Church. As a movement of young workers, we also wish to humbly request an official recognition of the necessity of the proper, personal and community apostolate of workers and young workers themselves, as well as an insistence on the apostolic formation that must be given to this group of the population.

To concretise this effort of participation by working youth in the Council through prayer, the International YCW has launched an appeal to all its national movements in order that the latter will ask jocists and young workers to offer up to the Lord their whole daily work every Friday throughout the whole duration of the Council. This work offering with all its joys and suffering, and sometimes the offering of a “lack of work”, will be a prayer that the young workers make in union with the prayer of the whole Church for the success of the Council.

As you can see, the YCW leaders of that time were ready to make huge sacrifices for the success of the Council offering up "their whole daily work every Friday throughout the whole duration of the Council".

Let us be inspired by the young workers' commitment in our own commitment to the Vatican 2 +50: A Cardijn Perspective project.

5. Fundraising and Sponsorship

We have worked hard to make this event affordable for people to participate. However, we still have a long way to go in our fundraising for the event.

We again you to work with your local Cardijn Community teams to see if you can hold a fundraising event and/or look for sponsors for our Vatican 2 +50: A Cardijn Perspective program.

We still have ten weeks to go - let us work to make it a success!

Stefan Gigacz - MJ Ruben - Juanito Penequito
For the Vatican 2 + 50 Organising Team.